Monday, March 21, 2011

Getting this thing started

So I figured I would begin this blog with an introduction. My name is John Shinn. I live in Philadelphia. I am currently a sophomore in high school at St Joe's Prep. I will be spending my Junior year (so excited in Germany). I am going through the exchange organization AFS, American Field Service I applied to AFS regular application, where you pay tuition, but I also applied for CBYX Congress Bundestag Youth Exchange, a full ride scholarship that would save my family the whole tuition price and be very prestigious. I am an avid traveller and I relish the opportunity to travel. I also applied to YFU, (youth for understanding) to 2 scholarship programs. One program is to Finland in the summer, the other is in Japan for the summer as an exchange student. I relish the opportunity to travel and going to Finland or Japan would be amazing! Being an exchange student is an amazing experience that opens your mind up! I'll keep in touch with how everything went with the different scholarship. Keep your fingers crossed. Druck dir die Daumen!

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