Monday, May 30, 2011

Done School! Getting packed. Getting ready.

I took my math final on Thursday and finished my last day of school in America for a very long time. It almost felt surreal leaving school and thinking about how I won't be back for two summers and a school year. I'm going to miss it, the good and the bad. I'm used to it, I'm going to miss the familiarity. I'm going to (2) countries where I know no one and will have no friends (till I make some). I've been asked by people if I'm nervous and I actually am not, maybe it will hit me once I'm on the plane. I've been packing everything and getting ready for Japan. I have all the clothes I need and my mom ordered yen from the bank. I'm ready. It's crazy to think that all the things I need for 6 weeks, I'm packing into one carry one bag of 20 kilos (44lbs) and one carry on bag. I guess it will be even crazier for Germany since I'm bringing the same amount of stuff, but staying a year! It's exciting and nerve wracking at the same time!

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