Saturday, July 9, 2011

Japanese culture

Some notes on Japanese culture

Somethings about Japanese culture: some things about Japan are strickingly different than the US.
In Japan you always take your shoes off before you enter the house and in school you also take your shoes off when you enter. One time I walked into my house and forgot to take off my shoes. I was horrified when I realized I forgot and was worried something was gonna happen. My host mom just stared at me but didn't saying anything.

Ive been asked some really funny questions by Japanese people, especially my classmates: heres a sample list of the most interesting ones:

"Why do American people have such white teeth?" "Do you have a girlfriend?" "why not?" "what type of girl is your type?" "do you like fat girl or skinny?" "do you like western or oriental?" "do you like any of the girls in this class?" "I saw a girl in a picture with you on facebook, was she your girlfriend?" "At what age do you want to get married?" "Do all Americans have pools?" "Do all Americans like hamburgers?"

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