Sunday, July 17, 2011

YFU Reunion

This weekend was a whole lot of fun and I got to speak English, German and learn a little Japanese. YFU Okinawa organized a meet up for all YFU students, past, present and future. There were Japanese students who had gone abroad, us Americans and Japanese who are going abroad. There were about 5 students who had went to America, 3 who went to Holland, 1 who went to Belgium and one who went to Basel, Switzerland. That was the coolest by far. I got to practice/speak German this trip.

The girl who went Basel's name was Ayane and was also my translator for talking to the Japanese students. I would tell her something in German, and then she would tell them in Japanese.

There was also a girl who went to Sacramento for a year and spoke perfectly English. I didn't even no she was Japanese at first. I thought she was an Asian girl from America. I told her she was my role model.

YFU organized the event at Nago youth center, kind of like camp site. We had lots of activities to do. We started off with a choice between basketball and volleyball and I chose basketball. After that we showered and had dinner. After dinner we went to had a taiko& esah performance. Then we had a 'dance party' in the terrace. Honestly, I have to say all my school mixers and Soph hop were a lot more fun and Americans can dance better than Japanese. After the dance party (9:30) we went to our rooms, which were a little different than what I expecting, they were just big open tatami mat floors and we all slept together on the floor. Us American guys shared the room with some Japanese guys. However, the American girls came from their room and we all stayed up playing ten fingers and talking until about 2-3 in the morning. The girls just passed out in our room. That was my first coed sleepover. Haha. We woke up around 7 and ate breakfast. After breakfast we listened to the returnee exchange students talk about their experiences, then after that we cleaned up our rooms, packed up and ate lunch. Then our host families picked us up. In all honesty the most fun part of this weekend was getting to socialize.

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