Monday, July 11, 2011

The Weather in Okinawa

I thought I`d make a post just devoted to how the weather here is. All over Japan it is the summer and it`s hot and humid. Japan`s rainy season is coming to a close this month and hopefully it will become less humid. Okinawa is sub-tropical (HOT). It`s also really humid here. Sometimes reaching over 80% humidity. It doesn`t rain a long time here. For instance, a rain cloud will pass by and it will pour rain for 15 minutes and then it stops. All in all its usually sunny with deep blue skys. Okinawans are much more tan than mainland Japanese and you can tell the difference between the Tokyo people and Okinawans. I've gotten more color from being here. The temperature here is extremely consistent. If you checked a forecas for Okinawa it would probably say a high of 85 degrees for the whole week and a low of about 80. Its always humid. The rain actually brings some relief by blocking out the sun. At night it cools a couple degrees but still it's very hot. I've gotten use to the heat for the most part and the weather here is still nicer than a Philadelphia summer. I can literally see the ocean from my house and that provides a nice sea breeze.

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