Saturday, July 2, 2011

Japanese High School

I just found out some sad news today. My high school only goes till July 20th. That means only 14 more days of school! I like school here! I mean I dont study or do any homework but I like this school. Every day's a party!

Japanese students have a very different school schedule than Americans. Japanese start school in April and go until Mid to late July. Then they have a summer brake of about 7 weeks. Usually they get a summer job during summer break (unlike me!) Then they begin again in September. Then they have school until Christmas/New Year when they have a 2 week break. They have a 2 week spring break in March and finish school up in late March.

My school starts @ 8:40 and ends around @4:00
In general school is a lot more relaxed than in America. Classes are 50 minutes each and there's 10 minutes in between. They have 5 classes each day plus lunch.

One HUGE difference about American high school and Japanese high school, at least to me, is that it's OK to sleep in class. Its completely ok. Talking in class is also ok. It seems to me that in Japan, more onus is put on the student and students are taught to responsibility. Its on the student to pay attention in class. The teacher's isn`t going to make you pay attention. That's up to you.

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elizabeth said...

This sounds ideal as a TEACHER. I can't imagine what it's like as a student!